Quick Reflections


Mohammed Kaiser


I don’t recall much from New Year 2017. I brought in the new year with family and friends, and prayed for some salvation, some respite. A fresh start. At the moment I was without steady work and had been for several months. In a couple of weeks I would be setting off for Austin, Texas for Google interview number who knows. It had been a revelatory if not melancholic final few months of 2016. Though, despite having left my job at the firm with no clear destination in sight, at no point did I ever become downbeat.

If anything, as I have highlighted previously, the newfound freedom to be deliberate about my next move was exciting, even though it was an optimism that was hard for my parents, particularly my mother, to both comprehend and replicate. She used up all of her New Year’s prayers on me. I desired a breakthrough more than anything for her, so that she could have some reprieve. The absolute last thing I wanted was to be a source of stress. My pleas to a higher power intensified following this latest interview, feeling about as unconfident as is possible for me. I didn’t feel that I had successfully demonstrated my worth, and I never expected to hear back.

Fast forward to January 1, 2018 and I am nearly nine months into my maiden voyage into the tech space with Google. I am a resident Texan. And I am playing golf now. Who would’ve thought?

I tend not to ask for anything—I ne’er could’ve fathomed what has come to fruition for me enough to ask anyway. As a whirlwind would be to describe the preceding 10 months in the most understated manner possible. I have hit the ground sprinting, not running. My early days in Austin have been tremendous, a testament to the caliber of people I have met thus far who have kept me thoroughly entertained and curious, as well as a general salute to the welcoming environment that is Austin. Nearly daily I wake up in my apartment, look to the ceiling, and am just happy with how things have fallen.

Happiness is a state that is elusive for many who perhaps need it more than I do. I have always been an upbeat person. My mind is adept at keeping negative thoughts at arm’s length, and if I ever do find myself with some sadness, the feeling is invariably fleeting. As I have gotten older, I’ve grown ever more reflective on just how I have managed to maintain my positivity over such a prolonged period of time. With no clear answer, I do my best to offer a calming hand to folks who need it.



Jamie Street

I converse often with people trying to “figure things out.” Whenever I talk to a friend who (naively) operates as if their worth is tied to their work, or who is unhappy with where their life is heading, I do what I can to offer encouragement, as well as some candor, which can be discomfiting, but is always coming from place of caring. Few things are ever as serious as we make them out to be.

With 2018 upon me, nothing really changes. I continue to be in the driver’s seat—I’m grateful for that, and there I intend to remain. All I can really ask for now is that my loved ones find the peace and solace that I am so fortunate to have gained. I’m here to help.



Quick Reflections

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