Stream of Consciousness


Ashley Knedler

This post will take on a different form from my previous ones, in that it will take on no form. I don’t care for structure right now. And I’m not going to focus on coming across as smart, using unnecessarily big words and long sentences. I’m just going to write.

2016 has been the fastest year of my life, and the most underwhelming… and this is after making my first trip to my family’s native Sierra Leone since I was an infant, which was far and way the best experience of my short life. How is this possible…(?) The best experience of my life engulfed by the most underwhelming.


Save for my trip (and the three to four weeks prior preparing for it), nearly everyday this year has been a carbon copy of the previous day. I have spent an extraordinary amount of time preparing for work, commuting to work, working, leaving work, and then (typically following a workout) heading home to work on finding new work.


Interestingly, despite this mundane routine, time has gone by so quickly that I can’t even really believe it. Defying my better judgment, I don’t feel like I’ve done much in 2016—a year that will be forever etched into our collective memory, where opportunities to make things happen were plenty.


To be fair I have kept myself busy particularly over these past four months I just don’t know if I’ve been channeling my efforts and energy effectively I don’t even know what I am complaining about I don’t have anything to complain about There is just a lot of uncertainty heading into 2017


that’s the kicker. This uncertainty is great. Why? Because at the ripe age of almost twenty-four, I do not know with certainty what the next five years are going to look like for me. In a time when it almost seems silly to even make weather predictions, this ambiguity is not only expected. it should be embraced.


Regardless of the year that many of you have had, I am sure that for some, 2017 looks a little vague (especially concerning what comes after January 20). And that is okay. Why would you want to know what everyday for an extended period of time is going to look like? Where’s the novelty in that?


I am firm believer that luck favors the prepared. Despite the uncertainty heading into the new year, I find so much pleasure in knowing that I am gearing up to build the life that I want to lead, equipping myself with the knowledge and fostering the mutually beneficial relationships that I hope will go a long way.





Driving down a dark road, we can only see but a few meters ahead of us—but we keep going anyway. We have a destination. We may not know what we’ll find there. Or even what the road ahead looks like. But we have a destination. We know where we’d like to be. So embrace the uncertainty. And prepare yourself for a journey worth taking.



“the will to succeed is nothing without the will to prepare”

-Winston Churchill




Wishing you all well for this new year. Let’s make it happen.





Stream of Consciousness

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