Don’t Give Up – Do We Mean It?



 Jordan McQueen


It’s a cardinal rule in our world dominated by athletes like LeBron James who demonstrate tremendous feats of skill and strength on the regular, by musicians like Ed Sheeran who start from singing on street corners to selling out stadiums, and by all around extraordinary people like Stephen Hawking who defy the script that was written for them as children and go on to achieve globally significant, life-changing, and previously unattainable things.

Don’t give up.


Giving up is basically sin. But I am very curious just how sincere we are when we advise our friends, our families, our little brothers and sisters to never quit. At an early age, it doesn’t take much for us to find that thing(s) that gets us up in the morning, that unconditional love that we skip meals for. Many of us have continued to enjoy this thing through our teenage years and early adulthood. And the most brazen among us have chosen to pursue this passion indefinitely as a career.


Don’t give up.


This most courageous of individuals is a trailblazer nowadays, representing a poor percentage of the population. Make no mistake about it; sticking it out, through disappointment after disappointment, failure after failure, takes guts, true grit. But it should be easier to tough it out considering that we’re not allowed to give up right?


Were it only that simple.


At one point or another, depending on how long you hold on, you reach a crossroads—where your visions and whatever current reality that you (or someone else) created for yourself face off.


A decision will have to be made. Go right or go left. Forgo one path, for the sake of another. Open one door. Effectively shut another.


For those who have chosen to hold on, life’s greatest challenge, their most difficult and impactful decision to date will be represented by this fork in the road.


The choice is simple for some. Whether they stare in the face of defeat and say no more, choosing to stay on their well-beaten path, or they concede, choosing to take another direction and start fresh, for some, the choice is easy.


Salvatore Ventura



For others, it’s everything but. It’s difficult. It’s scary. It’s exhausting. It’s downright taxing to stay committed to a losing cause. And it’s sad to say goodbye to that same cause after so much investment; it is sad to give up.


I get it. I myself have been approaching my own crossroad for sometime now, doing my best to postpone my arrival.


I am still curious though. How bad is it really, giving up? Maybe there is some merit to doing a 180…





Don’t Give Up – Do We Mean It?

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